General Questions

Q. What the heck is this thing? Do you guys make these rulings up yourselves?
A. The Pokémon TCG Rules Compendium LvX and Pokémon TCG Rules Compendium EX and Pokémon TCG Rules Compendium are complete collections of the official game rulings from the makers of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The (archived) Compendium contains rulings from the period when Wizards of the Coast printed the cards. The (archived) Compendium EX contains rulings applicable to the EX generation of cards from PUI. Rulings are collected from various official sources including Expansion FAQs, public chats, and private rulings meetings with Pokémon USA. Our only direct input into the text of the rulings is to quote the source, clean up typos or clarify intent. If we do clarify a ruling’s intent, we try to minimize adding to or changing text and always identify such changes by using [brackets] around the clarification text.

Q. Is the Compendium an official Pokémon TCG document?
A. We are always careful to be clear that the rulings are official. The Compendium is not. And it’s the rulings that are important.

Q. How do I browse this FAQ and/or the Rules Compendium?
A. Both the Rules Compendium and this FAQ are arranged in broad categories. If you have a question, it’s probably best to go its general category and then see if it’s in there. Otherwise, you can also try the Find … command in your browser to look for specific words. On Internet Explorer, go to Edit and then Find to access this option.

Q. How do I become a member of Team Compendium?
A. Currently, Team Compendium is not in need of additional members. On the rare occasion that we do add a member, we choose to work with people that we have developed relationships with over time. We are a very close-knit team.

Usage Questions

Q. What are the usage restrictions on the Rules Compendium?
A. Well, it’s pretty simple. You’re allowed to print up the Rules Compendium for your own, personal, non-commercial usage. You may NOT put a copy of the Compendium on your own website. However, you may LINK to the website containing the Rules Compendium, giving proper credit to the source. This way, you can be assured that your readers will have the most recent version of the Rules Compendium on his/her browser. It gets updated on a weekly basis, so this is the only way to ensure that players and Judges have access to the most recent rulings.

Q. Can I “take” or “borrow” the Rules Compendium for my own purposes? Can I remove the credits and put my own name on it instead?
A. NO. Team Compendium has, collectively, spent an incredible amount of time on this Compendium. To take this document, modify it, and claim it as your own is absolutely unfair to our efforts. We have not been paid by PokéGym, Pojo, Pokeguide, Pokeschool, Wizards of the Coast, Pokémon USA, Nintendo or any other organization to make this compendium (although we have in the past arranged with Wizards of the Coast to get the right to use the texts from their chats and and currently hold meetings with Pokémon USA to address new rulings). Therefore, it is TOTALLY in our right to deny you the right to take our Rules Compendium and use it for any other purpose than otherwise have been stated above.

Q. My players are in a country where English is not the dominant language. May I make a translated copy of the Compendium available?
A. Contact us directly to discuss making such arrangements.

Rules Questions

Q. Hey man, I think you made a mistake in your rulings! How can I let you guys know?
A. All of our rulings are direct from cards’ producer, currently Pokémon USA Inc. (PUI). If you believe there has been an error, please make sure that you have the latest version. Our Rules Compendium is updated regularly but we do not have a fixed schedule so if your version doesn’t incorporate the latest chats then please wait for the latest rulings to be included before informing us of the possible error. If, after you’ve read the latest Rules Compendium and still believe we’ve made an error, please contact us via email tc -at= compendium.pokegym.net.

Q. No, you don’t understand. I think your answer is totally wrong and that it’s not supposed to be that way.
A. We’re just reporting the rulings as they are given to us by Pokémon USA. Heck, there are several rulings that we don’t agree with either! If you wish to dispute a ruling, please post your disagreement and reasoning on our boards, pokegym.net. We’ll be sure to address it with PUI if warranted.

Q. There are other rulings collections out there that I can use. Why use the Compendium?
A. Because these aren’t our rulings. These are official rulings. We did not sit down and make them up among ourselves. Even if we disagree with a ruling, we still document it because it is official . It is important that everyone use the same, official rulings because it is important that as players move from area to area, or go from local play to top-level Premiere Play, they know what to expect in terms of card play. The Compendium is the only document that has been recommended by both WotC and PUI to their Tournament Organizers as a rulings resource. No one else can say that.

Website Questions

Q. Where may I download the Rules Compendium?
A. Here.

Q. How come your website is not updated daily?
A. All members of Team Compendium have lots of responsibilities. Although we make every effort to update in a timely manner, there will be times when we cannot update. Please be patient. Rest assured, we will update the site.

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