For CC 2010 Playtesters – Insight, Space Virus and Legend Box.

We have a few batches of questions where not all the questions have been answered. Mixed in among those batches are some answered questions relevant to Cities, that we’d like to publish here so that they get out there in time. Here they are in no particular order:

Q. When Yanmega tries to attack, do you evaluate the number of cards in your hand for the “Insight” Poke-BODY before or after discarding a card for Giratina Lv.X’s “Invisible Tentacles” Poke-BODY?
A. The Insight Poke-BODY is evaluated before your attack even begins; therefore it is checked before discarding any cards for Invisible Tentacles. (Nov 11, 2010 PUI Rules Team)
Q. If Deoxys & Rayquaza LEGEND knocks out a Dialga [G] Lv.X with the “Time Crystal” Poke-BODY, does Deoxys & Rayquaza LEGEND’s “Space Virus” Poke-BODY turn on in time for it to take two prizes?
A. When Dialga [G] Lv.X is KO’d and discarded, the Space Virus Poke-BODY turns back on and allows the player to take 1 more prize card. (Sep 23, 2010 PUI Rules Team)
Q. On the part of Legend Box where it talks about “you can play only 1 Pokemon LEGEND in this way”, is that just for the play of the card, or for the entire game?
A. It only lasts for as long as the Trainer is being used.  It just means that if you reveal two or more complete Pokemon LEGENDs that you can only put one of them onto your bench for that trainer card played. (Sep 23, 2010 PUI Rules Team)

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