Last minute rulings before 2017 NAIC

This just in from Pokémon R&D  – right before North American International Championships – a handful of rulings updates. Here they are immediately– official formatting to follow later:

Q1: My opponent and I both have Sudowoodo with Roadblock in play. I use Hex Maniac on my turn to shut off Roadblock, and then I play 5 Pokémon on my Bench. My opponent plays 5 Pokémon on their Bench during their turn. At the end of my opponent’s turn, Hex Maniac’s effect ends, so Roadblock activates again. Who discards their Pokémon first? If the first player discards their Sudowoodo, would the other person need to discard a Benched Pokémon?

A1: It’s the opponent’s turn, so their Roadblock goes into effect first. You would discard your Pokémon first, and then your opponent would discard theirs. Even if you chose to discard your Sudowoodo, your opponent would have to discard down to 4 Benched Pokémon because the Roadblock effects happen simultaneously.

Q2: Can I use Brooklet Hill to search through my deck even if my Bench is full?

A2: No. Since your Bench is already full, it’s public knowledge that Brooklet Hill (a Trainer card) won’t have any effect, so you cannot search your deck.

Q3: Can I use Umbreon-GX’s Dark Call-GX attack to discard 2 Double Colorless Energy?

A3: Yes, you can select 1 Energy of each Double Colorless Energy to discard both of them. This applies for discarding your own Energy for an attack and retreating as well. So if you used Hoopa-EX’s Hyperspace Fury attack or paid its Retreat Cost of 2, discarding 2 Double Colorless Energy would be legal options.


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