Compendium BW

Team Compendium is pleased to announce the latest editions of The Pokemon Trading Card Game Rulings Compendium, The Compendium BW. The features of the Compendium BW include:

  • Streamlined rulings, pre-HGSS rulings removed, except those that are still relevant
  • Updated existing rulings, applied to Abilities & Trainers as appropriate [with edited text in brackets]
  • Updated links, to card scans from the PokeGym Researching Tower
  • Comprehensive index, so you can jump right to or bookmark a specific ruling

Check it all out at

Did I say, editions, plural? Yes! There is now a mobile edition of the Compendium BW at

This mobile edition is designed to work with your iOS & Android mobile phones (and maybe some others!). Right now, it requires an Internet connection to use on your mobile device.

And if you read between the lines here or read the introduction carefully, you’ll know there are a couple more editions in the works.

Please give us your feedback, corrections and considered suggestions in this article’s thread on the PokeGym. If the mobile edition works (or doesn’t work) on your phone, we’d like to know the model of phone and version of its operating system.

Thank you, loyal Compendium readers, for how much you care about good rulings! These editions are for you.


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