PokeGym down, Compendium Up

During the PokeGym outage (there is an upgrade in progress), all the rulings are still available from the Compendium site (links at left) and the Compendium site will be up. You can follow the progress of the upgrade on the PokeGym Facebook page and also in the comments to this post.

6 Responses to “PokeGym down, Compendium Up”

  1. bulbasnore says:

    The backup is complete and being imported into a new database.

  2. bulbasnore says:

    We’re about to come back up live on the old version of the board. Had some problems during the upgrade and pressed undo. With lessons learned, we’ll go again next week… got to get rid of the errors caused by mismatch of O/S & application versions.

  3. bulbasnore says:

    Saturday May 15, the import to the new database is running, this takes a couple hours.

  4. bulbasnore says:

    Only 200,000 away from importing our 1.6M posts. Then the rest of the tables will be imported.

  5. bulbasnore says:

    We have upgraded the vBulletin software to 3.8.5. Now, to work on the big 4: front page, gallery, blogs and dynamics.

    In two hours, the power goes off here, so, to be safe, we’ll shut down before that happens.

  6. bulbasnore says:

    We’re going to lose power here in about 20 minutes, so this will be the last entry until tonite.

    Gallery – upgrade processed but gallery isn’t working(again); installation by vendor has been ordered. I don’t expect to hear from them until Monday.

    Dynamics – same story as Gallery, but the vendor there is more responsive; I’ve posted in their forums the details required for assistance.

    Front Page – working fine (but hidden) same vendor as dynamics.

    Blogs – worked like a charm, and the forums link to them is online.