Big Daddy Snorlax

Handsome, but sleepy.

Handsome, but sleepy.

Big Daddy Snorlax (BDS for short) loves to run events … BIG EVENTS! As one of the founding members of Team Compendium, he has been involved with Pokémon TCG since January of 1999. Soon after he started playing the game he realized that there was a need for people to organize and Judge events. What started off as something to do with his two kids has turned into a lifestyle, taking him to every Pokémon TCG World Championship and most all the other major events … not as a player, but as a Judge. He is a Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO) in Oregon and also works as a member of the PUI Rules Team and is an Admin at PokeGym.

Location: Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

Real Life: Recreation Programs Manager for Oregon State Parks

Interests: Pokémon TCG, Computers, Model Rocketry, Boy Scouts, Gardening

Favorite Event: US Nationals – You can’t go wrong with an event that has almost 1,000 players!!!

Personal Comments:

I’m married with two children, a boy who just got his Eagle Scout rank before going off to college and a girl who is in her final year of art school. Pokémon came into my life when my son brought home some Booster packs in January of 1999. The kids and I liked the cards immediately, but we didn’t really know much about the game. After much investigation, a starter deck and 3 Theme decks, we were hopelessly hooked. Our combined collection is now well over 50,000 cards (both American and Japanese). Age has taken its toll on the kids and they don’t play any longer. However, I have never given up my “Kid License” and will be involved with this game forever. I play when I can, but most of my time these days is devoted to organizing events in Oregon, running a small League and my work with Team Compendium.

When I got involved in the Rules Compendium project and helped form Team Compendium many years ago I never imagined where it would lead me. I have made friends the World over, have been fortunate enough to get invited to all the World Championship events and have helped keep the PokeGym active and growing through good times and bad. I love working on the Rules Team and organizing events in Oregon. I can say without hesitation that Team Compendium is the greatest group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Best of all, I get to introduce people to Pokémon TCG!

I’ll see you on the Gym!

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