Location: Malibu, California, USA

Real Life: Husband and father of three – we all play Pokémon TCG!

Work Life: Information Security Officer

Quote: “Don’t just win at Pokémon, play with accuracy, grace & style.”

Personal Comments:
I was NOT any kind of collector or game player during the first 15 years of my marriage. My wife is both a collector and a game player. I can’t really say Pokémon saved my marriage, but…

I became aware of Pokémon when my children started collecting. We’d go out and they’d beg to bring their binders. I’d look down at my menu, then look up, and there they were suddenly 3 tables down, with children they’d never met, talking sociably about their collections. I liked that.

When the children started arguing over rules, it got me to look at the cards, I thought, “I bet I can find the rules on the Internet…” I couldn’t find a rulebook, but I did run smack into the interactive Flash demo.

“It started with this, and I shall do the same all over again”.
–Lawrence III, Pokémon 2000

Since Fossil, I’ve enjoyed first playing, then organizing and then teaching this game. It ‘has legs’ and ‘scales well’, as we say in IT. With the new releases it is constantly new and not dull (‘legs’). It has color and fun for the young but intense strategy in construction and play for the more mature (‘scale’). TCG strategy, based on the game rules, is where Team Compendium comes in — organizing and making clear the complex rulings to keep the strategy enjoyable, instead of confusing.

Its a pleasure to work with a true team, contribute to the site, write and participate in the rulings discussion. Hope to see you at some premier events!

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