Retired, but never forgotten members, master trainers and helpers

Team Compendium wish to recognize the contributions of the following former members and supporters. Though no longer active in the work, their contributions remain, along with our friendship.


Name: Jimmer Sivertsen

Location: Seattle
Hobbies: Live music (generally Punk/Irish Folk/Rock/more),
TCG/Board/RPG/GBA/console games, computers, political science, reading

Development, TCG. I’ll be occasionally assisting organized play –
mainly with rulings. I’ve been working in the TCG industry for awhile, in different guises at different companies.

My primary philosophy is that of game theory. Most, if not all, things can
be perceived as a game. Ways to win, lose, rules on how to play the game,
and sportsmanship. (The examples are numerous. Find me with some spare time at a convention, and I’ll discuss at length.)

I own a Gamecube & several GBA-SPs. I’ve played through most of Red &
Crystal, and have spent over 150 hours playing Ruby/Sapphire. I’m looking forward to the wireless connectivity for GBA’s that are coming out with the new Pokémon GBA games. I dig Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Crystal Chronicles.



Name: Michael Proch

Location: Michigan, USA
Hobbies: Role-Playing (D&D is the best!), Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies & Books, Mustangs, Off-Roading, Street Hockey, Skiing, RollerBlading, Babes.
Quote: “Ask not what your Pokémon can do for you, but what you can do for your Pokémon.”

PokeSensei, also known as `Sensei, was Team Compendium’s official e-mail correspondence guy as well as the Team Compendium member who had judged and helped out at virtually all the WotC Pokémon events (the Stadium Challenges, STS’, World’s, and the ‘Cons). He was a moderator on the original Psylum Pokegym and also was a mod on Pojo’s “Ask the Masters” forum. `Sensei helped move the community over to Wizards of the Coast’s own boards. When that board closed, due to the end of WotC’s agreement for Pokémon, he was instrumental in gathering the help needed to start up the new Team Compendium’s PokéGym so that the `Gym would continue. `Sensei’s love for the Pokémon TCG has led him to do many things for the game as well as write articles for Pojo Magazine and WotC’s online Pokémon site. He has helped run “League” at the Conventions for the MT`s. He has also Head judged the Super Battlezones and has organized tournaments at his local store. He ran a Pokémon League there as well. `Sensei also organized and ran two “Pokémon Fan Day” events at a local mall in the past. His passion to help out in any way he can is unrivaled. Most recently, sensei ran the 2004 East Coast Stadium Challenge and judged at the Pokémon World Championships 2004.



Name: Stephen Mumford

Location: Eastern Shore of Maryland, a three hour drive from anywhere.
Degree: Cultural Anthropology
Occupation: Web Designer
How the Above Two are Related: Not at all.
Interests: Various CCGs (including Pokémon, Monster Rancher and L5R), all things digital, sociology, anime, and the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Website/Contact: www.exmech.com / [email protected]
Signature Deck: Oriflamme
Motto: Solum Dice Nullus Sunt Sufficio
Quote: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t saddle a duck.”

Kori initially learned how to play the Pokémon TCG as a way to have more in common with his stepson. Little did he know how much of a change being introduced to Collectible Card Games would bring about. Kori was the original author of the Compendium, and maintained it for the first several months before his schedule no longer permitted it, at which point he handed it off to what is now known as Team Compendium.



Name: Just call me “Tyais”

Current Location: Secret
Special Powers: Can program HTML in single bounds, Webmaster of the original PokéGym, and bestowed the title of Master Trainer.
Interests: Pokémon TCG, all CCGs (I take a look at everything), Lacrosse, Tae Kwon Do, Computer Stuff
Quote: “Homer no function beer well without.”

The legendary Tyais originally hosted Team Compendium’s website on the PokéGym. He was the Webmaster of WizPog and even achieved the title of Master Trainer Tyais (as a WotC intern) before retiring from the game.



Name: Kalok Fung

Location: Canada
Occupation: Ghost in the Machine

Qasic is a master programmer.

He wrote a regular column on Pokémon for Scrye.

He set up the original Compendium site and was key in the migration to WizPoG.

Although he has moved on long ago, he remains available for consultation when needed.



Name: jMg

Location: SoCal, USA
Hobbies: Traveling, visiting Pokémon Leagues all across the USA & even Europe, Current Events & Sports scores (GO Bears!! & Dodgers), Music, E-Gadgets, Multimedia S/W, & loves collecting dice.

Personal Comments: I have had plenty of time to reminisce about the unforgettable memories that this game has provided: the fortuitous meeting with Pop & Sensei and the MTs at the 1st ECSTS (if it weren’t for this experience I WOULD not have been able to leave my mark here in SoCal); the tournaments I held all across SoCal, the DCI rankings of the SoCal players, the leagues, the faces, ALL of the driving to San Francisco & Las Vegas & San Diego for Pokémon events.

Thanks to my brother for introducing me to the game, I am so proud of YOU (DVPlume11), THE WALL, Gator & Cargo decks (OMG, thanks Alvin/Sean & Andres), to all RANDOMS in SoCal with whom we were able to forge some very strong friendships and a shout out to the PRESENT and FUTURE of SoCal Pokémon movement with Warbuzz & TrEkIeV & GreatFox, GO TEAM LA!!!!

AND Thanks to everyone who was ever on the ‘Gym, WizPog, Pokegym and a SPECIAL thanks to TC (past and present), thanks for opening your arms to a fellow online stranger. THANK you Kim & Chrisbo, continue the SoCal Judging Legacy

Drop me a note @ ipgeek21.com It’s BEEN wonderful meeting many of you IRL & until we meet again!!
QUOTE: DRAFTS bring out the BEST of the WORST cards in the Game.

[IPGeek21 was recruited to help with the weekly maintenance of The Compendium. He incorporated the latest Pokémon TCG rulings into The Compendium. IPG21 was a local SoCal TO who is forever grateful to have been able to judge many premier tournaments, including WotC’s 2002 Pokémon World Championships not to mention his huge contribution to the final Thank You event at GenCon 2003.]



Name: Mike

Favorite Deck: Mr. Yuk
Favorite Snack: Maple Bars
Memorable Statement: My favorite Pokémon is Gengar. He’s so bad he doesn’t even need a “Dark” version.

Dark Master Trainer Mike ran the show over at Wizards of the Coast Customer Service. He was MTP’s and MTM’s boss (that’s why he’s somtimes called Da Boss). Also discussed Pokémon issues on Wizpog.

He made a guest appearance during an anniversary contest for the EX version of the PokéGym, along with a fuzzy picture of a card that might have been a Pre-Release Dark Raichu.

MT Pat

MT Pat

Name: Patrick Swift

Job: Wizards of the Coast Customer Service Representative
Location: Seattle, Wa
Interests: Games (Magic, Pokémon, D & D and Diablo2 are some current favoritess), Anime, Martial Arts movies, Footbag (AKA Hacky-Sack) and local music.
Favorite Pokémon: Scyther (If Scyther was a monk he’d get a scholarship to Shao-Lin
Favorite donut: Glazed Old-fashioned

I first encountered the Pokémon TCG in January of 1999 when an old Magic-playing friend called me over to try this new game that his 7 year old daughter was talking about non-stop. We played the game for a few hours and promptly decided that we had figured out everything about the game (boy were we wrong!). Five short months later I was called back for an interview at WotC (after several unsuccessful tries) partly because I had experience with the Pokémon TCG.

See you in the Poke-chats!

[Master Trainer Pat is MTM’s trusty sidekick in WotC’s Pokémon Chats. Although he is not as fast of a typer as MT Mike, he can hold his own in the chats and is quick to rectify any mistakes he makes.]



Name: Mike Gills

Favorite Deck: Thread the Weedle Deck
Favorite Snack: Chocolate Donuts

Yeah, it’s Master Trainer Mike.

Without him, there would neither be the Rules Compendium nor Team Compendium. For that, we’d like to think him for being an integral part of Wizards of the Coast’s Pokémon chats.

His obsession with the Pokémon “Weedle” led to the making of the “Space Weedle.” 🙂

Special Thanks

Team Compendium is very thankful to the many players, Gym Leaders, Tournament Organizers, Judges, and the rest of the Pokémon community for their desire and efforts to ensure all players are educated and know the rules of the game. The more knowledgeable players we have, the more advanced players we gain.

Special Thanks go to Koribouros, the original founder of the first Compendium document.

Special Thanks go to PUI and Nintendo for letting this great game continue for us all to enjoy.

Special Thanks go to the “new” MTs, Jimmer and Dave (and Steve too!). Thanks for having regular Rules Team meetings so that we can continue to serve the Tournament community and for running a robust Organized Play program.

Special Thanks go out to the many people at Wizards of the Coast that did a great job in making the Pokemon TCG a great experience in the first years. Special Thanks go the old MTs; Mike, Dark Mike, Pat, and Steve. If it wasn`t for the tremendous work you guys did, from rulings to running the Challenges and World`s and everything between, we all wouldn`t be playing this great game right now and wouldn`t have had all those fond memories (uh, except for the Beef in Egg Sauce incident…’sensei is still scarred for life!).

A Heartfelt thanks to all our former backup chat loggers Purity & Ech, Magmar2k, and Lance313. Thanks to Babayaga & DaytonGymLeader for their contributions to our site.

Special Thanks go out again to YOU, the community. YOU make the game possible to continue because of your love of this great game!

Finally, we cannot thank enough those that help us to run the PokeGym and have stuck with us through our transitions; sd_pokemom, BJJ763, nick15, and onederlnd.

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