Gym Leader Blaine

to be written, but here’s a peek at Tymon:

No where nears as cantankerous, or bald, in real life.

No where near as crazy, or bald, in real life.


Gym Leader Blaine is a PTO and judge for Pokemon Trading Card Game. You will usually find him running the computers behind the stage at big events like U.S. Nationals and Worlds. All the lines of runners bringing match slips back to the computers, have given that location the nickname, the Hive. GLB is known as Queen of the Hive. He is very friendly when not trying to get the slips turned for the next 250+ player round, so if you see him outside the Hive, stop and say hello.

Location: Georgia, USA
Real Life: Husband for 10+ years, with 3 kids.
Work Life: Work, work, work, work for the Ford Motor Company
Quote: Do or do not, there is no try.
Hobbies: Includes Pokemon, just in case you did know,
Star Wars, and spending time with my three wonderful
Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax, Munchlax, & Chimchar
(Flaming Monkey)
Personal Comments:
My journey into Pokemon started when I lived in Utah
and my mother asked me to help find these Pokemon card
packs that my younger brother, 10 at the time, was
looking for, but seemed to be sold out everywhere.
She knew I was in stores a lot looking for other
items, and wondered if I could give here a hand on
locating packs for him. I found a couple packs of
Jungle at the 7-Eleven by my work during lunch. Later
that day when I was back at work I decided to open up
one of the packs to see what this Pokemon thing was
all about. The pack had a holo foil Snorlax, and I
have been hooked ever since. Shortly after that I
took my brother to a Pokemon movie and got a card for
one good Mew Promo. We found a local league at the
Game Keeper in Downtown Salt Lake, and joined so we
could play every Saturday.
The league in Salt Lake did things a little bit
differently, that when a player had enough points to
earn their Gym Badge they would have to go up against
a person playing that Gym Leader using their type of
deck to earn their badge. A while after I became a
league leader, and was the person that someone would
have to battle for the Volcano badge, hence I earned
the name Gym Leader Blaine. I help run the league,
and was invited by the WOTC PTO to be the head judge
on all major WOTC sponsored tournaments in the area.
During this time I also help a lot of other local
stores run Pokemon tournaments at their locations, and
really enjoyed the time I had running events.
When PUI start to run Pokemon I was given the
opportunity to become a PTO in Utah for the Ruby &
Sapphire Challenge tournament. Since that day I have
run tournaments in Utah, Idaho, Kentucky, Illinois,
and Georgia. I was also given the chance to run the
West Coast Stadium in California, were I meet BDS,
Chrisbo, & Bulbasnore for the first time. I have also
been very fortunate to be invited to help out at
Worlds 04, 05, 06, 07, & Nationals 05, 06, 07. My
responsibilities in each of these events were to work
in “The Hive”, which is the area that computers are
that run the event. I now live in Georgia, and run
Pokemon events in the state.

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