A few notes while we wait…

Yes, we’re waiting on some big post-Worlds rulings and also Arceus is about to hit the Compendium big time. Meawhile, here are two small notes.

PDF Version. A couple months ago, we got the Acrobat version of the Compendium automated. It kicks in at midnight Pacific Time, or thereabouts. For fans of the PDF version, you can find it linked on “The Compendium” tab on this site. The iSilo version is still there, also automated. And, of course, the HTML version is also linked there and in the “Direct Link” in the sidebar of the front page of the Compendium site.

Set Up… in reverse. Back in March we received a ruling that Uxie could use its Set Up Poke-POWER with 7 or more cards in your hand. After Worlds, this was reviewed and we received a reversal at the end of September. We don’t have an update log for it yet, because we are waiting for other rulings in that batch. Note that the old ruling was asked in the context of Power Cancel, but because of the reversal, the update went under Set Up. To be clear, you may NOT use Set Up if there are 7 or more cards in your hand.

See you at Cities…


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