For Battle Road Playtesters – Red Armor & Defender

Here are some official rulings from TPCi Rules Team that we’d like to get out to all you Battle Road playtesters this week.

Q. If Garchomp [C] Lv.X has Special Energy cards attached and discards all of them when using its “Dragon Rush” attack, can it do damage to a Scizor that has the “Red Armor” Poke-BODY?
A. No. First choose which two energies to discard, then do the damage (before any other effects), then you actually discard the energy at the end of the attack. So it will still be attached at the point when damage would be done, but the damage will be blocked. (Aug 19, 2010 PUI Rules Team; Sep 2, 2010 PUI Rules Team)

Red Armor is also in effect against other attacks, besides Dragon Rush, that would discard all special energy as part of the attack.

Q. If I attach Defender to Drifblim and do “Balloon Tackle”, does Defender prevent the 20 self damage from that attack?
A. Yes. Play Defender as if the damage prevention wording was printed, “Any damage done by attacks to the Pokémon Defender is attached to is reduced by 20 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).” (Aug 19, 2010 PUI Rules Team)

Defender from Undaunted appears to have been printed incorrectly; play it as per the ruling. Base Set Defender is legal for Battle Road without any reference.

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