Formatted Player Responsibilities Documents

Seen at a recent Regionals, there were a number of requests for the “Player Responsibilities” POSTER on the pairings boards, so we’re posting them here. While they are not ‘official rulings’ they may be helpful to event organizers looking to reinforce or provide players a reference for Players Meeting announcements.

The ENVELOPE format is included for large events that pass out Promo cards and raffle tickets. Put those in the envelope and now your player has a reason to care about the player responsibilities document. It have been observed that putting out information sheets at each place in the player meeting can just result in them being shoved aside for quick games, trading and last minute deck list work… but the envelopes get picked up.


Here are the links for the Microsoft Word documents, and the full text of the poster. Let us know your results and contribute back any improved documents to the discussion thread on the PokeGym:

Championship Player Responsibilities

Player Responsibilities: You must uphold these responsibilities throughout the event.

  • Be Friendly – make friends here, introduce yourself, shake hands.
  • Spirit of the Game – fun, fairness, honesty, respect, sportsmanship, and learning.
    Win humbly, lose graciously.
  • Deck – Must be 60 clean unmarked cards in standard format – turn in legible and matching deck list at Players Meeting.
  • Game state – Track with markers/turned cards according to rules; each player to supply own counters & markers.
  • Pace – Keep it lively, typically 10 seconds to consider game state, 15 sec search, 5 sec promote; keep pace in +3!!!
  • Call a Judge – If something is unclear or not played right; stop play & raise your hand. You may appeal any ruling to HJ.
  • Match Reporting – Winner or tied Masters players bring completed match slip to desk; double game loss for missing/late slip.
  • Swiss 2of3 – Incomplete game at time +3 doesn’t count. Score match on basis of completed games.
  • Draws – Playing at pace for a draw is a legitimate goal for a match; do not use intimidation or whining to thwart a draw.
  • Conceding match – You may offer one, but you may not ask for one. Do not use a random method to resolve a draw to a concession.
  • Food and Drink – NOT ALLOWED at/under tables. You may have a capped room-temperature water bottle on table.
  • Respect Venue – Deposit trash inside trashcans. Report problems with rest room to staff immediately. Stay in bounds.

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