Image links in Compendium LvX Updated

With many thanks to our friend Dave Christian (PokeGym Member – The Gorn) at, we’ve finally used the file he gave us last summer and updated the database that creates the links from the Compendium rulings to the Researching Tower images.

The result is a more complete reference when you want to look at a card for which a ruling is published in the Compendium. Thanks to Dave’s data we are up-to-date through Rising Rivals and OP9 sets.

We realize there are some gaps where there is no link to the Tower image for a card ruling. This occurs where images aren’t consistently labeled as to set (e.g. Trainer Kit Gold) or TPCi has chosen card numbers that don’t fit into our current algorithms (the Shiny Duskull for example). Also, there are one or two links that actually don’t match the ruling, where the name of the attack is the same but the attack is completely different or the name is a subset of another name.

We’re hoping to close these small gaps sometime in the future… after we update through HeartGold SoulSilver. For now, though, we’re happy to have the addtional links!

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