PokeGym Decklist Generator now produces Standard and Expanded lists!

decklist The PokeGym’s Decklist Generator continues to be one of the most useful tools of its type for players. Updated and improved recently by maintainer Jimmy G, the list now does Expanded as well as Standard format lists. Responsive support for using the Generator is available in the feedback thread on the PokeGym.

The PokeGym Decklist Generator, originally conceived and maintained by Steve P, has been a standard tool for both organizers and players.

Some comments about the Generator,

“I really like it and am hoping it will alleviate an awful lot of confusion with deck lists. Particularly with newer players and parents that are learning to help their younger players.” – Mike M. Maryland Premier Tournament Organizer

“Fantastic tool that helps both players and organizers alike.” – Chris C. Perennially one of the top Masters players in California.

“A real asset to the Pokémon community.” – David M, Veteran Local Organizer.

“printed decklists are always in every way superior to [hand] written ones…” Geoff C, Canadian Premiere Tournament Organizer

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