You can take notes on Time Walk

The Tournament Rules on taking notes changed for this season. They are quoted below from section 7 of the Play! Pokemon Tournament Rules.

Players are allowed to take notes during a game in respect to actions that have happened during the game. Players may take notes during a match and refer to those notes. Players may choose not to share these notes with other players, but a judge may ask to see a player’s notes and request an explanation if needed. A player’s note sheet must be blank at the start of each match. Players must be timely with their note taking and may not use devices that may send or receive messages as a note-taking device. A player may not refer to notes taken during previous rounds while the tournament is still in progress. Notes taken during a match may not be given to other players during the course of the tournament.
Because a judge may ask to see a player’s notes while a match is in progress, the use of codes, ciphers, abbreviations, or any other method of obscuring the meaning of the information is not permitted. Additionally, notes taken by a player may not contain misinformation, intended to deceive tournament staff.

We’ve removed the old rulings on note taking from the Compendium until we can replace them. One big difference is that the qualification for note taking no longer exclude taking notes on your prizes, such as may be revealed by Time Walk.

Happy time travel.


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