2007 Nats Day 1 Professor Cup

PokePop is Michael Martin. Mike started looking up Pokemon sites on the internet when his son came home with some strange cards 9 years ago. He started as a forum moderator on the original Psylum PokeGym back in 1999. After Koribourus founded the Compendium and almost immediately stepped down, PokePop helped found Team Compendium to take over the care and maintenance of the Pokemon TCG Rulings Compendium.

With the other members of Team Compendium, PokePop has judged most major Pokemon events under both Wizards of the Coast and Pokemon USA; ranging from Super Trainer Showdowns, to National Championships, to World Championships.

PokePop is also a Premeire Tournament Organizer for Pokemon and a member of the Rules Team for Pokemon USA.

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